OECD/NEA Specialist Workshop on Advanced Measurement Method and Instrumentation for enhancing Severe Accident Management in an NPP addressing Emergency, Stabilization and Long-term Recovery Phases
    December 7-10, 2020. Fukushima, JAPAN

What's New

• Jan. 29, 2019: 4th Call for Papers has been available.  NEW! 
• Jan. 29, 2019: Abstract submission deadline has been extended to Feb. 28, 2020.  NEW! 
• Dec. 16, 2019: Extended Abstract Template is available.
• Nov. 11, 2019: Abstract Template is available.
• Sep. 17, 2019: Website opened.

This OECD/NEA specialist workshop will promote international exchange of information on advanced or innovative measurement methods and instrumentation as well as the use of revised strategies using installed instrumentation for Severe Accident Management (SAM). The scope considers measures to prevent and mitigate a SA in an NPP under harsh SA conditions as well as those for long-term recovery phases to prepare for decommissioning of a SA-damaged NPP.

Workshop Date and Place

December 7-9, 2020 SAMMI-2020 at Manabino-Mori,
            Tomioka Town Art & Media Center,
Tomioka-town, Fukushima, Japan
December 10, 2020 Technical Tour to both sites of
    Fukushima Daiichi (via bus window) and
    Fukushima Daini (into pedestal below RPV)

Major Topics of interest

4th Call for Papers  NEW! 

SAMMI-2020 4th Call for Papers (PDF, 327kB). 4th version: Jan. 29, 2020.
Abstract Template: MS-Word (32.0kB), PDF (153kB).
Ext. Abstract Template: MS-Word (165kB), PDF (411kB). revised: Dec. 22, 2019.

Important Dates

Abstract submission deadline Dec. 28, 2019Jan. 31, 2020Feb. 28, 2020
Notification of abstract acceptance Feb. 28, 2020Mar. 13, 2020Mar. 27, 2020
Extended abstract (EA) submission deadline May 31, 2020
Notification of EA acceptance with commentsJuly 31, 2020
Early Registration Aug. 1, 2020
Final EA submission due Sep. 30, 2020

Selected papers will be encouraged for publication in technical journals.

Session Types

Oral Sessions and Poster Sessions
(Notice) Format to prepare a presentation or a poster will be announced later