OECD/NEA Specialist Workshop on Advanced Measurement Method and Instrumentation for enhancing Severe Accident Management in an NPP addressing Emergency, Stabilization and Long-term Recovery Phases
    December 7-10, 2020. Fukushima, JAPAN

Scope of SAMMI-2020

SAMMI-2020 includes following areas on advanced and innovative measurement methods and instrumentation:

  1. Establishing the current status: Review of critical information for severe accident management (SAM), emergency planning, long term management (up to decommissioning after an accident) with required criteria (range, accuracy, response and mission time), based on approaches developed or under development for NPPs, that would efficiently support comprehensive SAM strategies (both for core melt and spent-fuel pool (SFP) accidents). This would be done reviewing important feedback from the past SAs at Three Mile Island Unit 2 (TMI-2), Chernobyl Unit 4 (ChNPP4), and Fukushima Daiichi Units 1, 2, and 3 (1F1, 1F2, and 1F3).
  2. Review of already implemented instrumentation (including those for DBAs), their expected performance in SA (level of qualification, reading validity, margin to failure) and their possible use in SAM, emergency planning and long-term management approaches for nuclear power plants (NPPs). Identify additional needed research, if any, to better assess their performance in a SA.
  3. Identify available technologies and/or technologies under development and/or innovative technologies that would provide these major improvements, considering possible implementations, protections and expected environmental conditions and covering all accident phases, which are applicable to either of NPPs under operation and future NPP design.
  4. Identify possibilities in data mining and numerical analysis techniques that could be implemented to support decisions in SAMG implementation.
  5. Recommend enhancements and further R&D.

More specifically, the following topics are relevant to the scope: